Versatile Paris Roll On Fragrances

Coralie Frébourg graduated from the École Supérieure du Parfum in 2019 in Paris and decided to take a great leap into creating her very own perfume brand: Versatile. Many moons, eight perfume roll-ons and a skincare range further the global brand is growing and glowing. Gourmands that are food inspired in will bring a smile to your face.

One of the perfumes I’ve gotten acquainted with is: God Bless Cola. A roll-on that is alcohol free, original, genderless, vegan and smells like salty popcorn, burned sugar, vanilla and, Coca Cola. If you’re not a sweet tooth but like to smell like one, then this is a fragrance you should definitely try. The bottle size might be small. The intensity of the fragrance is huge.
(€ 59,50)

Versatile Paris roll-on fragrances are available HERE

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