UèR Mì XX LATEX by Antoine Lie

If you are looking for something extraordinary this just might be it. The UèR Mì XX LATEX by Antoine Lie is perculiar yet surprising. Lie is well known for his controversial approach to perfume, starting with a fresh note and on the way adding his own mix of combinations.

UèR Mì XX LATEX opens with a fresh and airy note from white musk and rose extracts. Then it takes a left to a tickling sweetness of saffron vinylaccord making it somewhat different, yet interesting. If latex is not that appealing try one of the other perfumes like Silk, Denim, Cashmere, Velvet, Tweed and Suede. I can imagine that the names of these perfumes will spike your interest. (115 € / 75 ml)

UER MI Latex

The UèR Mì collection is available thru BABASSUBRANDS


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