Makanai Skin Clear Silky Lotion & Ruhaku Moist Charge Cream

Ever since my trip to Japan I have a weak spot for Japanese culture. Especially when it comes to the Japanese skincare routine. This Japanese Skin Clear Silky Lotion for instance. It’s a lightweight liquid that’s quickly and easily absorbed into skin, directly delivering concentrated active ingredients. It adds a layer of hydration and rebalances the pH level of the skin after cleansing. Ingredients including yuzu, mulberry bark, licorice extract and perilla are carefully selected and blended into this high quality, natural skin lotion.

Makanai’s Skin Lotion is packed with active ingredients to purify, balance and plump your skin. I love the way this products feels and it the smell resembles the scent of clean freshness and rice. Use Skin Clear Silky Lotion like a face toner twice daily on a dry face, directly after cleansing, and before any other skincare steps. (100 ML | €39,99)

Ruhaku Moisture Charge Cream

I fell in love with the moisture charge day and night cream. It’s lightweight yet very moisturizing which I love. The cream contains six types of botanical oils including rosemary leaf oil, jojoba oil, and Gettou leaf oil. The cream will make your skin softer. It also helps to prevent age spots and provide essential nutrients to your skin. The Gettou Plant (also known as shell ginger) is one of the strongest antioxidant herbs. (30 gr.| €52,99)


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