Urban Decay Petite Heat palette + Afterglow Palette

I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a really hot summer. Famous Urban Decay just launched the petite Naked Palette. A palette that will satisfy both the need for neutrals and the craving for rich hues. The peachy, burgundy, red-based shadows are easy to blend and will look good on everyone because they resonate with the warmth that people want to bring out in their skin. (€ 31,90)

Urban Decay – Sin Afterglow Palette

I am in love with the highlighter and blush palette. The pigments are strong and the structure soft making it blendable and sheer on the skin. I always like to play with different colors to create my own in between color, just giving it a twist between day and night time. My new favorite is a mix of the PSA color mixing in score blush. Nevertheless be your own artist by trying different looks. (€45,00)

URBAN DECAY is available thru ICI PARIS XL

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