VALMONT Restoring Perfection

As a response to all these signs of skin aging, Valmont has created the Perfection range, an essential anti-age solution which fights multiple aging factors. With seven complementary, highly essential actions the restoring perfection provides a multi-faceted solution to skin aging.

It not only helps to firm the skin with its pro-collagen action, it hydrates the skin for plumper features, nourishes the epidermis for unique comfort, strengthens the skin’s defences with its anti-oxidant action, repairs the epidermis after everyday attacks, protects the skin from sun exposure with a new SPF and enhances the skin with a silky texture and a subtle pigmentation. If you are a woman of color make sure to use a minimum amount as it tends to leave a white residue.

Valmont Restoring Perfection SPF50  (30 ML | €165,00)

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