Vanderohe No.1 Nourishing Face Serum

Handcrafted in London, this face oil is made by the highest grade, certified, cold pressed and enriched with eight active 100% organic and wildcrafted, steam- distilled essential oils. This means no pesticides or synthetic chemicals in the formation. Nice to know that all of the oils are sourced from the countries where the plants have optimal condition. Each product has been chosen for it’s unique skin healing and mood enhancing properties. By blending these oils a synergetic reaction occurs making their properties even more potent.

A long story short. It promises to be balancing, anti- inflammatory, anti-aging, moisture boosting and skin strengthening, all at the same time. The consistency of the oil makes it suitable for all skin types whether its used as a face oil or alone or as a serum mixed with other products.

The scent is absolutely lovely and fresh while the herbaceous, floral undertones have been perfected, making it soothing for body and mind.


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