Yves Saint Laurent Spring Look ” Desir De Jour ” – From March 2015

The centerpiece in this look is definitely the Ombres De Jour. The colour palette Ombres De Jour (€ 68) has ‘need you in my life’ written all over it, with a big wink to rock chic femininity. Choose from five eye shadow colors with a contrast between black and pink. The colors are easy to combine. Everything is possible. In the centre you’ll find matte black and pink, surrounded by warm caramel beige and a touch of golden brown.

YSL Spring 2015 Look

YSL Spring 2015 Look

If the palette wasn’t on your wish list you might want to put in on there quick. Love the lips and the cheeks in this collection, but the nails are next big eye catcher for me. The nail art is still a big thing for summer, it’s only a little more subtle which I like. I hope that the wintry weather will hide itself soon, so we can jump into the fresh spring collections, just like this one.

Yves Saint Laurent Spring Look




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