Medik8 Crystal Retinal 6 Skincare

Medik8 is expert when it comes to vitamin A. This is THE ingredient when it comes to younger looking skin and anti – inflammatory skin. It it said that Crystal Retinal works up to 11 times faster than retinol but is still soft for the skin. It had anti-septic properties (think acne)

Due to hyaluronic acid and vitamin E Chrystal Retinal hydrates the skin on every level and strengthens the barrier of the skin by fluid retention. Good to know that the serum is available in two strengths 6 and 10.  Chrystal Retinal has a time release system meaning that it releases little by little so your skin won’t be overloaded. A little long story short, see this as your retinol S.O.S. boos to get your (back) in tip -top shape.

This is how to: take it slow by using it twice a week for two weeks during the night prior to your moisturizer. After two weeks use it every night. Use just a few drops (2-4) and massage it on to your facial skin and neck and let the Crystal Retinal do it’s magic. If you purchase this product don’t forget to start with Retinol 6 and when your skin is used to it step up to Retinol 10. (30 ML | € 79,95)

Chrystal Retinal is available thru MEDIK8

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