All About Hair – Interview with celebrity hair stylist Floor Kleyne

I had the privilege to meet and work with talented Floor Kleyne on several occasions when we worked to together for hair & make-up with Dutch celebrity Anna Nooshin. Floor was also responsible for the hairstyling for the shoot of my book: Flawless.

Furthermore, as the hairdresser of Dutch talkshow host Eva Jinek among a lot of other celebrities, Floor was recently a guest at Eva Jinek’s National T.V. program to discuss the problematic and how to cope with the fact that hairdressers were closed.

One’s hair and one’s appearance, in general, are not inconsequential to one’s well-being. How you feel about yourself and how you look and your self-esteem is very important to anyone, particularly during a time when we have reason to be depressed, anxious and afraid. I am certain that really bad hair days only adds to that. That said, it’s time to get to know one of favorite hairdressers: Floor Kleyne

So Floor, tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been working in the hair industry and what is a typical Floor trademark?

First of all…thanks for having me here. So nice to keep it touch with you in these crazy times. So, as you said I’m a hairstylist. I see my work as a creative cocktail of everything hair: shoots, shows, education, consultation for brands, events and I do private haircuts and colours for my personal clientèle, that includes (as you mentioned) Anna Nooshin and Eva Jinek.

A typical Floor trademark is probably that “je ne sais quoi” kinda feel to the things I do. I’m not so much into perfect glamour as I am interested in something that is slightly more bold, imperfect or fun.

You are the only hairdresser I know in the Netherlands that concentrates 100% on hair and hairstyling and does not do make-up as due to costs the combination is usually a requirement in the Netherlands. Has that ever been a problem in your line of work?

To be honest…I’m a bit worried that all the hard work that has been done by the group of hairstylists that don’t or haven’t done make-up for shoots over the past few years, showing that having both a make up artist AND a hairstylist can really add something to the shoot, might get overpowered a bit because of the Corona virus. Clients and magazines wanna keep their backstage teams as small as possible for now.

You mentioned that your jobs are mainly (editorial) shoots and events, and that they are currently on hold. What do you think the future looks like for you and hairdressers in your line of work?

Most hairdressers that work editorial have a salon or work in a hairsalon, so I’m kinda alone in this group I guess. A lot of the things I do probably will get a bigger focus on online.

We’re living in such uncertain times, how did you cope the last months during the ‘intelligent’ lockdown to keep your sanity?

I have two kids and they kept me quite busy: homeschool, baking, painting, skating, hoolahooping, drawing competitions…and those were just their morning routine things😊.

Do you have any advice for people who, even though the hairdressing salons recently opened, are still anxious to get their hair done?

Just do what feels good for you. I’ve noticed that there are so many different ways on how people cope with this situations. What feels as a relieve to one person, can feel totally unsafe to another. Just go whenever you are ready for it, so you have the privilege to really enjoy it. Your hairdresser probably doesn’t want it any other way.

I read that a lot of people suffer from hair loss due to Corona stress. Can you confirm this and if so, what advise do you have?

Hairloss is a big thing at the moment. A lot of the DM’s I get on Instagram are about this. Research says that 45% of Dutch people suffer from it. My advice is to try to find out if your hairloss in indeed Corona or stress related or that it might have other reasons, so you have the chance to see if you can change things. Other reasons might be: hormones, change of medication, change of nutrition. Another tip is to talk about it. A lot of people feel ashamed about it and that even increases the stress level and also the hairloss.

It terms of treating it: it’s not easy, especially when the stresslevel is still high. A good thing to do is to take vitamin B (Biotine) to empower your hair. Also I’m testing this serum now, that focusses on hairloss. It’s called Esthecin. Unfortunately it’s to soon for me to tell you about the results, but feel free to check it out.

What are the hair trends for SS20 season, and what about fall/winter trends?

I think Corona will have a huge influence on hairtrends for SS20, so I see 2 big moods: a lot of people are worried about their health and / or financial health at the moment. So looks are not their biggest priority for this summer. That doesn’t mean that they are not interested in getting new hair, but their choice might me influenced by it. I suspect they will prefer a great easy to wear look that doesn’t need much time in the morning and will stay in great shape for a longer period of time.

THINK: Tweed hair (a haircolouring technique that looks like the fabric tweed and is a very subtle highlight technique with ton sur ton tones), perfectly cut haircuts and sustainable products (Maria Nila and Davines are great sustainable brands)

The other group of people is totally relieved that the lockdown rules are less tight and that they are able to finally see their hairdressers. They feel (more) free, so they probably feel like having something more colourful and bold that is free of rules.

THINK: The two tone haircolor (see Dua Lipa) , bold statement hair accessoiries and 70’s inspired haircuts.

Do you think the current pandemic will effect the way we color and style our hair in the future?

I sure hope that the recent love and respect for hairdressers (that is bigger then ever) will stay around for a while.

You probably have a zillion favorite hair products, but what are your top – 3 and why?

OMG, just 3? I have so many favorites… Ok, here are my recent obsessions:

The “classic” L’Oreal Paris Elnett hairspray – has always been my favorite hairspray and probably will always be. It’s never sticky and you can keep on using it without having build up in the hair.

Maria Nila Colour refresh mask – it’s a vegan hairmask with colour (of choice). That is triple great news!

Balmain Argan oil – The only thing that detangles my extra long hair perfectly

As I mentioned before you’ve had a great deal of celebrities in your chair, is their anyone that makes your expert hairdressing hands itch, and what would you like you do?

Sylvia Hoeks (kick ass actress, style and face). I think she can pull off any look, but love to see her hair bleached in a tiny little bob.

Needles to say that I wish Floor Kleyne all the best for the future.

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