Coola Daydream Mineral Primer SPF 30 & Classic Sport SPF 50


The Coola Daydream Mineral SPF 30 comes in a frosted pump ,bottle, is white, lightweight and smooth. I am happy to find that as woman of colour it does not leave a residue on the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and smooth. I even went ahead an mxied it my regular hydrating primer by Laura Mercier (as I love mix everything)

Naturally you can use the Coola day cream mineral primer on its own but I found that by mixing it with my primer my skin had the plumpness from the hyaluronic acid combined with the Aloe Vera and the softness and high protection from the mineral primer which contains iris, white lily, and honeysuckle white stems cells. A big hooray for this anytime of the year.

This certified organic classic face spot sunscreen smells divine. A lot of sunscreen with this high amount of SPF usually tends to lie on my skin and leave a hideous white residue. This version smooths out on the skin easily, has a high protection and is an easy carry along when on the go.

As I love to work out by running a few times a week, this was the ultimate test to see how it held, especially when we’ve just hit spring and the sun comes out to play leaving a mark of sweaty pigment on the sensitive area around my upper lip, which was now well protected without slipping. That said, this SPF is top shelf material. I love it!

COOLA is also available thru SKINS COSMETICS

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