Dr. Hauschka Ice Plant Intensive Cream + Ice Plant Face Cream

When leaves turn crispy brown and start to drop from the trees, you know the fall season has made its appearance, including all kinds of skin issues such as dry and dehydrated skin, chapped lips, and hands that start to feel like sandpaper.

Dr. Hauschka launched two intense creams: Ice Plant Face Cream and Ice Plant Intensive Cream. The ice plant juice offers intense moisture in the meantime supporting the natural moisture barrier with nourishing botanical oils. Both creams are non-fragranced and contain 100% natural cosmetics.

The Ice Plant Face Cream (40 ml | € 29,99) adds white poppy oil that addresses dryness and helps prevent itchiness while the Intensive Cream (50 ml | € 27,99) adds waxes that provide long-lasting moisturising and tautness caused by dry skin.

Both cremes are worth exploring if you have dry, dehydrated, and itchy skin. Your skin will thank you later.

Dr. Hauschka

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