Estée Lauder Poppy Sauvage Collection by Violette

It’s a pleasure to introduce this limited edition make-up collection from Estée Lauders Global Beauty Director Violette.

From a make-up artist point of view I am delighted to play around with the colors and textures. It contains all the colors (and color combination) to dress up your face and beauty wardrobe. One of my favorite items is the soft glow for lips & cheeks in La Roseé. It has a creamy texture, accents and defines and leaves the most subtle sheen. (€30)

I have been a fan of the pure color Envy Sculpting lipstick for years. The Poésie is a pretty nude pink (and your everyday go to color) while the Vin Noir is a sexy and much bolder deep Bordeaux shade. Try mixing the two colors to create your own or add the paint on liquid lip color in Poppy Sauvage on top to create that little extra pizzazz. (€34, 50)

There’s a Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow that contains five colors. The palette is buildable, highly pigmented but very blendable. You won’t have to be afraid not to wear all the colors. Just try blending them and see what magic happens. (€56) If you’re on a night out and crave that little extra, try the Deluxe Eye Crayon in Terre d’Or. It’s a  copper toned jumbo pencil that can be worn alone or underneath the eyeshadow to intensify your gaze. Another favorite form this collection. (€24)

As Violette says: “This collection combines my three favorite moments of spring; the attitude of the season, my ideal make-up look, and my go-to color: the one-of-a-kind fire red that you can only see on the poppies in France”.
Chapeau on this timeless and ageless collection.

Estée Lauder Poppy Sauvage Collection by Violette is available at DEBIJENKORF from the 13th of August 2018

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