Blue Rhythm Collection By Chanel

When I was introduced to this collection during the official press launch it was love with a capitol *L* at first sight. I love Blue as it complements every body. Blue neutralizes redness, can brighten up any eyecolor in an instant. Blue also has the intensity of black, but leaves the harshness out. Blue can be worn in a classic and sophisticated way, but it’s also a fun color that works with any outfit.

Chanel Chanel

Blue Rhythm is a collection composed in a crescendo by the Chanel Make-up Creation Studio. Between eyes and lips, it performs the same electric note: that of volume, played in a duo and in contrast to subtly intensify the beat.

Chanel  Chanel

Keep it cool with just one sweep of blue- hued eyeliner, or go all the way by creating a perfect smokey eye (Eye Quartet 50 €) You can even dress your eye lashes in blue (Mascara 32 €) My advise? Use a black mascara first to have a base, add a turquoise or blue mascara. It will definitely add that extra oomph.

Chanel nails1 Chanel4

In the meantime let your nail color do all the talking (Nail polish 23,50 €) A fierce bright blue on the left side and a deeper hue on the right. I think you’ll actually like to play around with the options. I know I will. Have fun with Chanel. The sky is the limit really!



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