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When travelling we like to do it in style and next to going places the only essentials you need worth buying is great traveling gear. Travel bags somehow got stuck with a reputation for being big and bulky. Which is why I am always on the lookout for something smart.  I’ve had my eyes on this “easy” carry along for a while due to its convenience.

Puglia def

Made with appreciation for travel craftsman ship and design this tote can be worn as a shoulder bag or as an everyday shopping bag. One of the best things about the bag is that it’s an easy travel companion on wheels. (which I love) and cabin luggage approved (which I love even more). A type of bag that will age with grace as it is  made from the best premium Italian leather.

Jannissima tote

There’s a travel out there that is perfect for you, whether your ideal vacation consists of laying on the beach or snapping pictures of world wonders there is a match for everyone.

While travelling through Puglia the Jannissima bag was my ideal companion. Nothing says a good time like sunshine, good company and “zen” like surroundings.

The Beach

The Pool Situation

But the real cherry on top? Going back home without any shoulder ache due to over packing. And yes, us women have the tendency to carry our house when on the go. A big hurray for the Jannissima carry along travel bags that come in several colors if camel is not particularly your color.

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. Well done Jannita van der Haak.


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