Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless During Quarantine Time

Social distancing and spending most of the day inside, you, like so many others, might be wondering why your skin isn’t glowing like it usually does or even show signs of discoloration? You’re avoiding coronavirus infection by staying at home as much as possible, but what is it actually doing to your skin? Here’s how you can keep it healthy and fresh looking.

For starters; Increase your skincare routine. Basically I always recommend my clients to invest in creams that are rich in hyaluronic acid to maintain the moisture levels and ramp up hydration levels. When you’re working from home and glued to your computer all day while the central heating is on, it’s important to invest more time in your routine by adding products such as serums and face mists to provide extra nourishment. Find my favorites HERE 

Multiple layers

Use multiple layers of skincare. Really? Well, instead of one heavy cream alone, try a serum, a hydrating toner, and a facial oil. Think of it as a wardrobe. And I love to layer. The layers of hydration will help to keep your skin plump and hydrated and you can take them on and off just like you would in different seasons. Find a few of my favorite serums HERE and HERE (includes my favorite treatment worth investing in after corona.

Adapt the way you’re showering

We all love a long and hot shower, but they do take away our natural skin protecting layer of oil. Try shorter showers reaching for a gentle lotion based cleanser, and use a body oil or lotion afterwards. What I love to do is mix a massage body oil by Le Labo with a complementing lotion. Or at nighttime (due to the balmy texture) I love to pamper my skin with Lola’s Apothecary balm. The best thing is to look for skin soothing ingredients like shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and camellia, coco oil.


The corona stress the majority is experiencing right now can cause your skin to react and change in unexpected ways. Factors like dehydration, drinking more coffee, lack of vitamin D (take a daily extra supplement), changes in nutrition, and sleep patterns can intensively affect what happens to our skin, changing our immune system’s ability to regulate and detoxify, creating inflammation in the body.

To help rejuvenate your skin, drink much more water. Start in the morning with my highly recommended boiled water with lemon and ginger. Also eating eat fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin D and antioxidants. Add spinach, mushrooms and blueberries to your weekly food routine.

Last but not least, don’t forget your sunscreen when you go out for a leg stretch. Your skin will thank you later.

Stay safe and healthy people. xA

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