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One of the reasons to indulge in a treat at Knap skincare store is the amazing service. A place to relax and where you get professional personalised advise without any intrusiveness what so ever. Over a matter of time I’ve heard so much amazing things about the oxygen facial treatment (as you might know Madonna is a great fan) I wanted to try it for myself.  And what better place to go than Knap Skincare Store in Amsterdam. You might be wondering what it exactly does. Well, I’m about to tell you.

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As we get older (yes, unfortunately) the supply of oxygen in the skin decreases. The less the skin can absorb oxygen in the skin, the metabolism between the cells decreases aswell. What happens is that the skin starts to get wrinkles and looses it suppleness. When investing in oxygen treatments it stimulates the blood flow, elastin production and wrinkles are diminished. Just like that? Yes, just like that.

Knap Skincare

How it works: Before starting the treatment my skin was thoroughly cleaned. After cleansing specialist and co owner Lindsay applied a serum. This serum contains important benefits such a as vitamims and antioxidans. These benefits are incloses into the skin with help of oxygen. It works wonder as the hydrating materials can get much deeper into the skin which helps to reach the cells. Just after one treatment my skin looked much more fresh and radiant. And that without any help of make-up. To obtain the best results it is advised to undergo about four treatments. To obtain the best flawless  results the QMS Medicosmetics products that are developed by German physician Dr. Med. E. Schulte  are highly recommended.

Knap Skincare

A relaxing treatment without needles or painfull issues and the results are directly visible. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had several people ask me what the difference is in my skin. And of couse a little happiness helps, and using a my slowjuicer on a daily basis. But to be honest, since the oxygen treatment my skin does have the radiant glow from within which everyone is craving for. Recommended? Most definitely. And don’t just google for any oxygen treatment. Have yours at Knap skincare store. Your worth it.

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