Sara Rosalie Skincare

Sara Rosalie’s skincare products are organic and feed the skin intensely. It softens the skin and calms down irritated skin. Next to that it gives the skins a glow. You know, the one I love so much as it resembles health. The face balm can be used by all skin types (be a little more careful if you suffer from acne prone skin).

As fall just kicked in and your skin can do with a little T.L.C. try this tip: use the balm for a couple of weeks, it will promote recovery. One of the main ingredients are rice germ, apricot oil, squalene, so you know what kind of goodness you are giving it. (50 ML|€49.00)

The odorless lip balm is amazing. It contains lanoline, is breathable to the skin yet protects it at the same time. Due to cardanol also known as cole seed oil that works together with the skins own barrier for optimal skin hydration. Also the raspberry’s oil and rice germ repair and restore the skin.(5 ML |€12.00)


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