MIRINS Organic Skincare From Copenhagen

If you think you’ve tried all the skincare balms in the world, you are surely mistaken. Jane Pawiroredjo is from Suriname and lives in Copenhagen. She manufactures and sells handcrafted Aromatherapy and skincare that is made in Copenhagen, and I can tell you that the products I had the privilege to try are utterly divine.


The store offers natural bath and body care products. Each item is handcrafted, to ensure the highest quality. The products are developed based on Herbalism and Aromatherapy. Only natural ingredients are used, free of preservatives, synthetic additives and  artificial perfumes.


I have tried two of the body balms: Recharge and Purify. I find the scents uplifting and the texture lovely. The recharge balm (€26.15) contains lemon, ginger and lemongrass that  works hydrating wonders for never ending dry skin while the Purify balm (€26.15) contains Grapefruit, Rosemary & Tea Tree that is soothing for the skin. Tea-tree can be used for several properties as is works antiseptic and helps to reduce for instance acne. Also it helps with a quick healing process by for instance littel cuts.

MIRINS Organic Skincare

MIRINS Organic Skincare

You should check out the full range to see what would work for you. Luckely Jane ships her goods worldwide.

Also find Mirins Copenhagen on Instagram: #Mirinscopenhagen


Blegdamsvej 108, Copenhagen, Denmark
Email: info@mirins.dk
Phone: +4552817629


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