Guidelines to achieve a flawless Indian skin – Part 2

Indian ladies are well known for paying special attention to their lips. The best way to create a sensual look is to pair the olive complexion with colder tones. One of the great favorites when it comes to lipstick is plum and berry colors. These colors will not only have an immediate boosting effect but will also shift the attention right to the plumped lips.

The best options are: wine, pink, plum, red and lavender colors. If you are in the darker skin category select from the wine and plum shades.

Dark red, burgundy, plum and brick red lipsticks are top notch accessories of an Indian girl’s makeup kit. Include also some natural-looking almost no-makeup lip balms and glosses for the days when you would rather go for a casual look.

Olive skin perfectly matches peachy or on the contrary pinkish colored blush with blue undertones. Coral shades are also among the top choices if you want to add flair to your makeup. This final trick will enhance the natural glow of your look. If you have a darker skin tone it’s better to opt for the golden tones, deep orange or simply a warm honey bronzer, these will create the polished look of your complexion.

See the Dutch spoken ‘how to’ video here

Have fun!

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