PAUSE perimenopause perfume by Frances Shoemack

There is a wide range of symptoms that could indicate that you’re entering perimenopause or menopause. To make things even more confusing, these symptoms can come and go as your hormone levels change. You might experience physical symptoms like hot flashes, aches, and pains, and psychological symptoms, such as mood swings, anxiety, and brain fog. Many women suffer from a combination of these. In some cases, these symptoms last for just a few months, but you might find that they last for several years.

Pause Eau de Parfum to the rescue. Next to acting symbolically, Pause offers practical benefits. As a result of Abel’s research into therapeutic perfumes (the same perfume house also brought them Nurture, which provides support during pregnancy), the essential oils used have been carefully selected for their positive influence on hormonal well-being.

The perfume contains Mimosa that stabilizes the mood, while Narcissus provides support for a good night’s sleep. Violet Leaf helps to reduce stress, and the surprising ingredient Hay provides more inner peace. There is no other functional perfume that supports this life stage of hormonal changes, and Abel is proud to be the first. (30 ML | € 100,00)

PAUSE perimenopause perfume is available HERE


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