Pure Arth Ayurvedic Skincare

At Pure Arth they believe that skincare is akin to skin food and can be absorbed into our bloodstream. Pure Arth promises superlative ingredients, sourced responsibly and harnessed at the peak of their potency. Founder & CEO Kavita Khosa traded the world of private equity law for clean beauty energizing her conviction that smart girls go green.

Mitti, a bestseller is a molten concoction of raw organic honey and antioxidant cacao folded into high-performance botanical actives and clays. It helps to heal rosacea and stressed skin, and fades blemishes, pigmentation, UV, and environmental damage. It also helps promote collagen production and supports the skin’s cellular regeneration. Raw honey acts as a humectant, nourishing and moisturizing skin (100 ML | € 87).

The seabuckthorn berry is a superfruit that is sun-dried in the pristine mountain air and acts as a powerhouse oil with proven results for healing and clearing acne skin. It helps collagen synthesis and helps to lift and firm. The oil has left my skin feeling hydrated for hours.
(15 ML | € 37)

Who doesn’t love a great massage tool? The Kwansha beauty coin is a custom-designed facial massage tool and is also known as an ancient healing metal in Ayurveda. It brings vitality, radiance and health to beautiful skin from the inside out. A tool I fell in love with the moment I started using it (€ 83).


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