Tiffany & Co NEW Eau de Parfum

At first it was a little hard to pinpoint the ingredients of this scent and which direction it was going. If I didn’t know the ingredients I would suggest something like a delicious fruit punch. Somewhere in the background the perfume reminds me of REM by reminiscence, which is a scent I used to wear and really like. Before my mind wanders off in all kind off directions the speculation stops here because I really want to know what Tiffany & Co is made off.


The Only Thing Expected About Tiffany's New Fragrance Is The Blue Box

Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum opens with vibrant top notes of vert de Mandarine. At its heart iris flower, (the signature ingredient) that grounds the composition. Then it dries down with patchouli wrapped in musky notes.

Tiffany & Co

Who would have thought? A beautiful combination. Even though I am not a huge Iris fan the composition makes it everything but overwhelming due to the fresh Mandarin and the fierceness of Patchouli. I like!!! Nice to know that iris, a flower long associated with Tiffany is a recurring motif in its jewelry designs. Everyone has different definitions of glamour. If you want to smell of musky florals that linger long after you leave, this is the fragrance for you.
(50 ML|€ 84)

TIFFANY & CO  is available thru DOUGLAS



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