What make-up to wear during a Zoom meeting

As the weeks of social distancing continue, you’re probably finding that most of your social and professional life is taking place on video chat. Whether it’s facetiming with friends or zooming with colleagues we’re all seeing way more of our faces on tiny screens than ever before. If you’re feeling like the camera on your laptop isn’t doing you any favors, you’re not alone. Naturally, you want is to look professional, look like you’ve gotten rest and you’re ready for the day ahead.

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Find five tips below that will make you freshly stand out among other tiny faces in a Zoom meeting or see it as an investment to for an after Covid-19 office attire.

Start with applying a good moisturizer. A good intensely moisturizing skincare is very essential when you are starting out any look, home or not.

Use a good concealer and apply it with care as the under eye area is very delicate. A good concealer (no, don’t apply foundation under the eyes) has light distracting properties and really makes you look like you’ve had a good rest and instantly brightens the eyes.

Avoid looking too shiny on camera. It might seem appealing as a shiny face could easily be misinterpreted for healthy looking. The difference is that you’re looking for a healthy sheen and not for an all over shiny appearance. Achieve the balance by applying an oil-free foundation or tinted moisturizer. Keep it looking neat while helping your skin maintain its natural dewiness without adding any unwanted oily-looking shine.

As eyebrows are the frame to your face, go for a full and strong eyebrow that doesn’t look overdone. Brush up the brows with a brow brush and use a matching or slightly lighter eyebrow pencil with a sharp point to draw vertical fine lines that imitate individual hairs where needed. As you brow specialist might not be at hand right now, use a brow gel to tame the brows.

You might not be into wearing a lot of color on your lips, but a little color (light pink and nudes) will make you look instantly ‘done’ and translates very well to being on-camera. If you usually wear a balm or gloss to work at the office, a neutral semi matte or sheer lipstick color will make you look put together on Zoom.

Last but not least; naturally (day) light is always flattering. Face a diffuse light source. For example: a window with a curtain over it. The lightning will hit your face symmetrically and therefore won’t appear to bright.

Amanda Rijff

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