ZELENS Make-up Range & LA MER Skintint SPF30

From a make-up artist point of view I love to mixing and matching to create the perfect flawless looking complexion. Zelens carries high –end agreeable skincare and recently launched a relatively small but effective make-up range while La Mer, well known due to the Miracle broth which is rich in skincare properties and contains Sea Kelp which is rich in vitamin A, B, C and E. A double skin boost.

ZELENS Make-up Range & LA MER Skintint SPF30

I started with the Zelens Satin Primer (€ 55,00 ) that promises to be illuminating and hydrating. It comes in one texture that will most skintypes. Perfect for summer months as the texture is quite sheer. If your skin tends be on the oily side opt for the Velvet Primer- Mattifiying and Pore-Refining Natural.

Zelens Make-up Range1

After that I applied a pea size of the new La Mer reperative skintint (40 ml /€ 80) wtih an SPF 30. It comes in five colours from fair to Tan (my colour). A skin protecting product that has all the benefits of a skincare product. It’s quite transparant which I like and it gives the skin a subtle glow. Yes, the one we all crave for. Please note that the La Mer reparative skintint SPF 30 comes in colors 1 -4 in the Netherlands.

La Mer The Reparative Skintint SPF30

On a make-up no make-up kind of day I love using the Zelens lip balm (€ 40,00). It’s an addictively nourishing and restoring treatment that delivers soothing moisture. Secretly it gives the lips a subtle yet natural looking pout due to the sheen. The mascara is “ Flirt” is a lovely treatment mascara  (€ 48,00). It has a rubber brush that seperates, lengthens and volumises.

ZELENS Make-up Range & LA MER Skintint SPF30

The mascara contains a peptide complex that helps to promote lash growth. Infused with anti-oxidants from green “Shiso” leaves that helps shield against environmental assaualts. And its water resistant yet is easily removed. A great plus don’t you think?

Zelens Make-up Range


ZELENS Also available HERE and Skins Cosmetics Laren

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