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I can instantly assess when a facial treatment is going to be good. It’s has a lot to do with the way you are approached, the way your skin is examined prior to the treatment to be able to determine which brand or products will be used to complement your custom made facial, but also the choice of music, combined with the environment. Moments like these tend to make you feel right at home.

As my skin could appreciate a little more hydration, Fatima recommended the Oxyjet Luxe Oxygen treatment supported by the prestigious Valmont Skincare products. After a short intake she started by cleansing my skin with Valmont Fluid Falls, the Illuminating Foamer, followed by the Face Exfoliant which all help to remove impurities while respecting the skin’s balance, even nourishing my skin at the same time.

Shortly after, the hyaluronic serum was locked into my skin by using Oxyjet Cryo oxygen pressure followed with an energy ampule. Are you still with me? At this point I was so relaxed I was trying not to doze off. That didn’t happen just yet as the Oxyjet Cryo has a fresh and cooling effect on the skin while tightening the pores boosting some extra goodness onto my skin.

After the Prime Renewing Pack was applied and thoroughly massaged into the skin followed by a Valmont eye serum, eye gel, and crème, we, my skin, and I felt truly renewed. Fatima truly did an amazing job with her magical fingers and massage techniques.

Just ask yourself; how good would a massage and an Oxyjet facial be on a day like today having you feeling energized and, looking brand new? I’ll leave that one with you.

Last but not least; get ready to be amazed by the broad collection of beauty brands Zotos Beauty Boutique carries.


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