Doctor Babor EGF Growth Factor + Refine Cellular Rebalancing Liquid

Ever since my Doctor Babor Pro facial treatment, I’ve grown to really appreciate the products and how it positively improved the appearance of my skin. Especially the EGF Growth factor and Refine Cellular rebalancing liquid have given my skin a smoother-looking appearance.

The EGF growth factor concentrate combines three biomimetic peptides that help support the skin’s own natural growth factors resulting in firmer skin and a refined skin structure while stimulating skin cell regeneration and, boost collagen and elastin production. Use it as a daily treatment and watch your skin improve. Apply one pipette length of the concentrate and massage into the skin. Then apply your regular moisturizing cream on top. (30 ML | €105)

The Refine Cellular Rebalancing Liquid is a calming facial toner that is suitable for all skin types. It supports the skin’s own natural PH Balance and barrier. The specially developed formula prepares the skin after cleansing to absorb applied skincare products leaving your skin surface looking calmer and more balanced.

After cleansing or exfoliating the skin, pour a little liquid onto a cotton pad and apply to the face, neck, and décolleté, then apply your regular moisturizer. (200 ML | €29,50)


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