Biotreat Instant Enzyme Peel

Pernilla Rönnberg founded Estelle & Thild in Stockholm, Sweden in 2007. The certified organic brand draws from cutting edge scientific research and uses pure bioactive ingredients. For that reason alone I am a fan of Estelle & Thild.

As the former CEO of a skin care company, Pernilla became uncomfortably aware of the harmful chemicals and unnatural ingredients liberally used by many skin care brands. She wanted to develop an innovative beauty brand rooted in high impact results and organic ingredients.

The new instant enzyme peel is a powerful, certified organic enzyme peeling that, in a matter of minutes, removes dead skin cells, cleanses pores and adds new radiance to the skin. Moisture levels are balanced and the skin’s luster, structure and elasticity are improved. It really does leave a lovely glow to the skin and I would definitely recommend it.

Use: Apply a generous layer after cleansing your skin. Gently massage in circular motions and leave on until dry (about 15 minutes). When the enzymes work on your skin, you can feel a light tingling sensation. Your skin may turn temporary red. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Always avoid sun exposure or wear sun protection after using exfoliating treatments.

Estelle & Thild is available thru SKINS COSMETICS


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