New SENSAI Beauty – Primer. Foundation. Supreme Illuminator. Translucent Powder.

Driven by the quest for infinite beauty, the Sensai brand has been exploiting the unique properties of silk for 70 years to help women to magnify their skin. Of all the silks, the rarest is from Japan: Silk of Koishimaru, also called “precious treasure”. Born from the association of this secret and the most advanced skin care technologies, Sensai works in harmony with the body to obtain a silky and flawless skin that highlights the unique beauty of each woman. Did you know Sensai launched it firsts counter at Selfridges in 1997?

Recently I was introduced to the Sensai make-up range and I must say that I am impressed by the quality. During a demonstration I was taught how to  face dress skin in light with the new SENSAI FOUNDATIONS. Beauty is formed within a process and doesn`t take place within one moment.

The GLOWING BASE (€ 49,93| 30 ml) with an SPF 1o has a light reflecting properties making it an friendly on the eyes primer base before applying foundation. I have even tried it with several different foundation and it does not clash or irritate the skin in any way.

Packed with light-enhancing powders, the LUMINOUS SHEER FOUNDATION (€49.50| 30 ml) is ultra-light and glides over skin for a fresh, hydrated glow and luminous, polished finish.

I was really happy to see that the color range for this product and the FLAWLESS SATIN FOUNDATION (€49.50| 30 ml) comes all the way up to my darker toned skin. That said; my skin tone is the darkest in the range. Both foundations have a sheerness to it yet the satin finish with an SPF 20 provides more coverage. Recommended? Most definitely.

What I am quite impressed about is the  Sensai Translucent Loose Powder (€46| 20 gram). Personally I prefer a texture that is even more transparant (yes, it does exist) and tried this version while at the artistry job.  As the texture is dewy but just a little more matte, it’s easy to keep combination skin.


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