The Organic Pharmacy Vitamin C Skin Boosters

When I think about it, skincare had been a big part of my life and dates all the way back to my childhood when I would try any skincare that smelled nice and was stacked on our bathroom shelf. I was six years old. Now, as a beauty pro, I still love to experience new skincare but my interest has shifted from how it smells and feels to what’s in it, and who would benefit from it.

Ever since meeting the Organic Pharmacy founder Margot in London over lunch and experiencing a splendid facial in the heart of London, I became even more intrigued and now  I’m hooked. The full range contains no-nonsense products that truly deliver and make all the difference in how my skin looks and feels. Find a few favorites below.

The corrective vitamin C mask helps to brighten the skin, especially after a busy week when tiredness kicks in and your skin tends to look dull. Good to know that this power mask contains a gentle form of the antioxidant Vitamin C that creates that glow we all crave. Use it twice or three times a week for the best results (€ 60 | 60 ml).

One of the biggest benefits of serums is the added moisture while addressing skin concerns such as sunburn, redness, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration. The stabilized antioxidant vitamin C serum helps to keep skin looking bright, fresh, and beautiful (€ 64,24 | 30 ml).

The products are made in London with love and are available in the Netherlands thru the link below. Enjoy!


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