Dr. Sebagh Instant V Lift. Sculpt & Contour

Would you go through great lenght to achieve the V-line face shape? Some women do as it makes the face a little more feminine and promises to make you look up to 10 years younger. To get the toned down look facial, yoga is used to tighten and tone down facial muscles. Some people prefer make-up over crème by applying bronzers and highlighters which can visually work wonders.


Dr. Sebagh launched Instant V Lift, a new serum said to lift, firm and restructure skin. The serum is the latest addition to the Dr Sebagh award-winning Advanced Anti-Ageing Skin Care range. It contains 10 ingredients that help to tighten and firm the skin. I found that it also gives that radiant glow to the skin like it came from within. The gel-like texture is easily absorbed and can be layered. Applying it underneath a primer works magic on the skin as it tightens, firms and smooths the skin. (30ML | €190,-)


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