Milu is your personal guide in the world of beauty and I felt it was such a privilege to provide flawless make-up artistry for this campaign, where natural beauty was enhanced and best features magnified with a touch of pink, some radiance, sheen and a pink pout. We had the best fun and the loveliest time.

Aren’t we all just looking for ways to enhance our natural beauty? I know I am. Over and over again. Just like me and all the women on the planet Milu searches for beauty creating the best solutions for skincare while making them portable (travel friendly during long flight and so on) and extremely easy to use.

Inspired by the always glowing and flawless looking skin of Korean women Milu created a collection with instant beauty boosters. A recipe to my heart. These beauty extra’s come with mouth watering looking packaging and contain the following:

A bubble foam sheet mask, a moisturizing sheet mask, hydrogel eye patches, a mud sheet mask, a 3 sheet mask gift box, a soothing hydrogel mask, an anti aging sheet mask, and a Jeju Pure Konjac sponge. What more could a girl want? We all want the extra. Go get inspired. Meet MILU! I promise you’ll love it as much as I do.



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