Palma de Mallorca

It’s common knowledge that the lovely island of Mallorca is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. But just what is it that makes Mallorca so popular with tourists year after year?

Well, the answer is probably as wide and varied as the island itself. From beautiful beaches and turquoise waters; gorgeous countryside to tasty Mediterranean cuisine; fabulous hotels to lively bars; sunny climate to fascinating culture: the truth is, with Mallorca there is really something for everyone.

I’ve had the pleasure to stay at one of the international H10 hotels in Camp de Mar. A sweet and picturesque surroundings while overlooking the bay with a typical Spanish restaurant sitting on a little island. Getting up really early to have stroll on the beach or going for a run up and downs the hills with not a soul in sight is something that will stay by me for a long time.

The suite I stayed in had panorama view while I literally fell asleep to the sound of the sea during nighttime. This boutique hotel is adults only which makes it pleasurably if you’re looking for ultimate rest.

One of the nicest things to do was visiting small towns like Valldemossa. The town of Valldemossa is only around 15-20 minutes drive from Palma de Mallorca into the Tramuntana mountains, but feels a world away from the capital. Valldemossa is also home to Costa Nord – a contemporary cultural centre, established by Hollywood actor Michael Douglas. With cobblestone pathways this is a car free village which makes a stroll around this film set like surroundings breathtaking.

Port de Sóller, with its romantic harbor bay, is a gem among Mallorca’s places. This village was tipped by a friend. The picturesque seaside village nestled between the sea, lush orange, lemon and olive groves and the Tramuntana mountains also offers plenty of possibilities for your taste. Stroll along the streets, watch the day go by in one of the many cafés on the harbor promenade, have lunch at Esplendido hotel or just enjoy your day on the beach – you will feel free as a bird and relaxed, just as I did while enjoying an exquisite mouthwatering lunch at Esplendido hotel and restaurant.

What I like about the city of Palma is that it has an impressive cultural side. Make sure to visit La Cathedral de Santa Maria. The gothic work began to be build in the 13th century. It’s not only a place to worship but also has great architectural and photographic value.

Wander the narrow street cobbled streets and loose track of the dazzling array of of elegant archways and charming squares. Walk the tapas trail, visit the ancient Arab Baths. You are unlikely to run out of things to do and see. Whatever you do, have fun while visiting the beautiful island. Hasta que nos volvamos a ver (until we meet again)

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