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Skin Design London sets itself apart from other brands by redefining cosmeceutical excellence, with an edit of skin-transforming formulations for skin health, with products that are honest, fair, and truthful. The products are legally compliant with the EU and the FDA. That said, I was very excited to get to know these promising skincare brand being tipped by a famous actress that stumbled on my Instagram.

Hailed as the art of Vitamin C, this superstar serum is a “serum highlighter” filled with 30% antioxidant power that treats and protects the skin. It doesn’t clog pores and helps to address acenic skin,  rosacea, pigmentation, or the inflammatory scarring left by acne. It contains superior quality Vitamin C and a potent antioxidant blend of seven super nutrients, brightens the complexion while protecting the skin against environmental aggressors. Next to that it gives skin that lovely plumping effect and boosts dull and tired skin. (30 ML | £115.00)

Anything can cause dehydration of the skin. It could be the change of weather, from summer to wintertime, or air conditioning. It could even be too hot showers stripping the skin of moisture. I know I am one of those people to shower too hot and probably too long. Extra hydration to the rescue. The hydrating serum provides rejuvenated-looking skin ensuring that skin is hydrated at a deeper level. It boosts the skin’s elasticity while soothing botanicals hydrate and plump the skin.

Next to hyaluronic acid this serum contains golden rose arctic roseroot and Meadowsweet extract. Both are rich in antioxidants and instantly destress skin leaving your skin looking fresh. I love this product and the Vitamin C so much that I’ve also layered it with other skincare products and it doesn’t clash, yet gives my skin a little extra. (30 ml | £115.00)

When it comes to the Retinol Gel Crème it’s a great way to keep skin looking and feeling hydrated while reducing wrinkles in-between facials. The gel crème provides that extra level due to an advanced encapsulated retinol release system. A true multitasker containing vitamin B3, watercress extract, and bioavailable zinc that helps to brighten the skin. It also contains hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green tea, and rosehip to name a few. If you looking for a product to bring your Retinol skincare game to the next level this is a product you should certainly try.
(50 ml | £95.00)


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