Summer Fragrances That Will Increase The Summer Vibe

Still looking for that perfect summer scent? You might want to take these beauties into consideration. As the skin changes during summer time fresh and light perfume might be the best way to go this summer. Interesting scents that smell different from moment to moment. Cortigiana by Il Profumo (100 ML| €119,95)  is a bright fresh and fruity note from crisp black cherries with lovely almond and vanilla tones.

That said, why not avoid wearing the perfume that matches your style. If you are sexy and only wear sexy perfumes, its like obsessively matching your dress and shoes every day. It’s nice to mismatch.

Summer Scents

If you ’re a flowery perfume girl, you might want to set aside the flowery scents and try something like Mandarin by IL Profumo (100 ML| €119,95) It’s strong, rich with sunny accords at heart (orange, heliotrope) takes you on a journey and then closes with woody and fresh aroma’s, perfect for any time of day. You can mix it this perfume with other fragrances.

Have a little bit of Brasil at your doorstep or purse for that matter. Honey meets Mandarin with a packaging that says it all. Ilha Do Mel by Memo (75 ml | €180,-) is a sweetened yet intoxicating mix of Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Vanilla and Musk.

Summer Scents

Abel is a one of a kind perfume. Vintage 13 (50 ML| €115) and the new Tonic fragrance (50 ML| €98) are both limited edition and 100 % organic perfumes. Vintage 13 contains: Clove, black pepper, ginger, thyme, Sandalwood and Vetiver while Tonic is practically drinkable with Lime, Peppermint, Bergamot and Vetiver. This perfume adapts perfectly with your skin making it as unique as its wearer.

Abel Perfume

While you’re at it, why not think and drink out of the box with a cherry on top of your cocktail with a spritz of Abel. (See cocktails below) I certain you will love it!

Abel Organics cocktail

Picture credits Abel Organics

Try it on. It’s only perfume. Have a lovely scented summer.


Also available thru SKINS COSMETICS

Il PROFUMO and MEMO are also available thru BABASSU

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