Tasting at Restaurant NENI Amsterdam

I had the privilege to attend the opening of the new and promising restaurant NENI in Amsterdam Oud Zuid which actually felt like a family party with more lovely food than we could handle.

Following the footsteps of the telavivian cooking with restaurants in Vienna, Zurich, Mallorca and Paris to name a few, the base of Haya Molcho’s kitchen lies in the middle east known for their rich ripe fruit flavors and abundance of vegetables. “Eating is no art but a passion”, as the chef and culinary writer says. “There is nothing nicer than sharing your passion at a long table with friends and family. Call it a sympathetic chaos if you will”.

The menu’s of the restaurant and the deli combine Haya’s culinary vision and the interpretation of NENI’s Amsterdam Chef. Both are convinced that cooking and sharing food connect people and adds meaning.

The restaurant is based in the historical former Citroën building and has a raw industrial touch yet has a cozy and pleasant atmosphere while you feel right at home due to the open kitchen which is a true eyecatcher. The kitchen from where the Mezza and vegetables like cauliflower were prepared in such a way, I can’t wait to go back for more.

The NENI Delhi promises to be an all-day food destination with dishes served with the same passion and philosophy of the restaurant. During the day you’ll find focaccia’s, sourdough bread and sweet tooth pastries from the bakery while during the nigh your belly will be stuffed with east Mediterranean mezze en pizze.

Restaurant NENI officially opens on the 7th of February 2019

NENI Stadionplein 8 Amsterdam


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