24 Gold Mask by Peter Thomas Roth

A face mask that contains pure gold and caffeine that helps to tighten the skin and promises to give it that healthy sheen like it came from within. My thoughts: I like the idea of a mask with an instant effect. Due to the caffeine extract I definitely had a tightening effect, while hyaluronic acid (and glycerin, which I am not so fond of) plumbs the skin and addresses fine lines. Next to that it left skim feeling silky soft. I am not sure about the anti-aging part though. Time will tell as I will be using this product over a longer period of time. Two or three times a week. Good news is that it’s ideal for all skin tones and looks fabulously rich on the skin. (150ml|€80)

Peter THomas Roth FacemaskThe 24 Gold Mask by Peter Thomas Roth is available thru COSMANIA

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