AURUM by KEMI – Blending magic

Have you ever considered that scent goes way beyond smell? There just might be a whole life coaching kit in your fragrance collection. Fragrance in its most raw form can trigger all sorts of emotion. Just think about how nostalgia affects your mood. Just think about the time you were picking apples from the garden for your grandmother’s apple pie. This is because of the olfactory system, also known as your sense of smell, which is directly connected with your limbic system, the part of the brain that is responsible for interpreting memories and emotions.

The word Al Kemi means “Egyptian art” since the Egyptians called their land KEMI and they were believed to be the most powerful magicians in the world. Perfume as we know it could not have taken shape without alchemic studies and practices of skillfully converting ordinary inputs into noble substances.

I fell in love with this particular perfume as in my mind it takes me to all kinds of magical places, inspiring me to fulfill my dreams by thinking there is no box.  Think roses, lemon bergamot. Then add some strawberry and chocolate with a whiff of labdanum (my favorite), while heliotropin, patchouli, vanilla, and oud finish the ballgame of this rounded pyramid. Who’s with me? (100 ml |€ 290)



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