THAMEEN London – Fanfare Perfume

The Perfume I was introduced to and worn with a broad smile: Fanfare.
A new perfume by British perfume powerhouse Thameen and inspired by the Flower Market at Covent Garden I have the privilege to admire on multiple occasions yearly. You will find lemon, bergamot, floral notes, and neroli at the top. Juniper berry, vermouth, and rosemary in the middle. In the base, you will enjoy vetiver, musk, and patchouli. (100 ML | € 310)

The perfume is seductive and uplifting and smells like the freshness that citruses bring. A one-of-a-kind perfume that will subtly, yet definitely announce your arrival and your departure. A trail you will want to follow…

THAMEEN LONDON is also available HERE

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