What makeup to wear with your everyday glasses

Try these techniques to make them pop. Behind glasses your eyes are still the windows to your soul.

Remember, less is definitely more if you wear glasses–overdone eye makeup will clash with your frames and look strange. Specific eye makeup how-to depends on your prescription: If you’re nearsighted, your eyes may seem smaller behind glasses; lining your top and lower lids is a surefire way to make them look bigger.

For fair to medium skin tones, stick with a mahogany or a lighter colored liner, for darker complexions, a deep purple or black. Curl upper lashes and apply a coat of mascara for an even more eye-opening effect.

Farsighted prescriptions often make eyes look bigger, so use a light hand–dust a neutral shadow on lids and brush on a coat of mascara. Because glasses also draw attention to your brows, keep them neat: Pluck strays and fill them with an eyebrow pencil or eye brow gel.

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