MARA Algae Retinol Face Oil

I am becoming very attached—or devoted, really—to the retinol in this face oil as it’s transforming my skin into the most glowy and brightest that it’s ever been.

That said; I’m also still very impressed by the skin results of Votary organic skincare, which I wrote about earlier. This might become the battle of the facial skin oils. 🙂

Mara Algae Retinol Face Oil literally soaks skin with powerful algae extracts, 1.2% clean retinol, and rich natural sources of vitamin A helping to soften the appearance of wrinkles, pores and uneven texture. This high end oil also contains fermented Green Tea (and smell like it too) and hemp seed oil packed with anti-oxidants and proteins to plum your skin (yeah!) and lock in moisture, resulting in a radiant clear complexion. Wait for it and see the glow.
(15ml | £60.00)

MARA Algae Retinol Face Oil is available thru CULT BEAUTY

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