New: Bobbi Brown – Skin Weightless Compact Powder Foundation

Bobbi Brown want us to be as flawless looking as possible. As a skin perfectionist she teaches women techniques and creates products that make flawless skin easy and achievable. The new Skin Weightless Powder Foundation has a lightweight formula and is her latest secret to perfect skin. Think  cashmere and silky soft skin…

Bobbi Brown Powder Foundation |  43,50

Bobbi Brown – Skin Weightless Compact Powder Foundation | 43,50

Skin Weightless Compact Powder Foundation  is placed in an oven for 15 hours to get the creme to powder consistancy. This technology combines the softest and lightest-weight powders, swirled into an emulsion-like formula that feels weightless and maintains moisture for an “unpowdered” look and natural matte finish. This creamy powder delivers a soft, cashmere-like feel and a buffed, polished finish that looks like skin and feels  weightless. It really melts onto the skin in the meantime blurring imperfections and narrowing pores for a natural finish. It comes in 19 shade so there is something there for everyone.

 “This powder foundation feels like cashmere on the skin—incredibly luxurious, soft and lightweight.” – Bobbi Brown

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