Sisley Emulsion Ecologique

Sisley Emulsion Ecologique is a revitalizing and moisturizing treatment of plant origin that allows the recovery and luminosity of the upper layer of the skin while helping the skin to fight against external aggressions while bringing back the tone and flexibility of the skin.

Sisley’s Emulsion Ecologique is made from a complex of plant extracts (Asian centella, ginseng, rosemary, hops, ponytail, etc.) selected for its stimulating and revitalizing action. It’s quite sheer, non-greasy, and leaves a matte finish.

How to use:

Apply two times a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) with light touches on clean, dry skin on the face and neck. I love to add an extra layer of skincare but the emulsion truly moisturizes, tones, and restores your skin. If your skin’s in need of an extra treat this emulsion is worth looking into. (100 ML | € 207,50)


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