HAPPY 2021 – Don’t Set Resolutions, Reflect And Set Goals Instead

H҉̙E҉̙R҉̙E҉̙’҉̙S҉̙ T҉̙O҉̙ A҉̙ H҉̙E҉̙A҉̙L҉̙T҉̙H҉̙Y҉̙ &҉̙ H҉̙A҉̙P҉̙P҉̙Y҉̙ N҉̙E҉̙W҉̙ Y҉̙E҉̙A҉̙R҉̙҉̙҉̙҉̙.҉̙ #҉̙2҉̙0҉̙21҉̙ C҉̙H҉̙E҉̙E҉̙R҉̙S҉̙

2020 keywords: bravery, resilience, mental strength, focus, healthcare, self-love and DIY.

You might think bravery is someone who’s not fearful, but it’s the opposite. We all feel frightened of something – bravery is getting over and overcoming that fear to do something anyway. Bravery is about being ok with tolerating uncertainty. Changes – whether big or small – can throw you off and leave you feeling unbalanced, but if you deal with that uncertainty and go for it even when you’re not sure what’s going to happen, that’s bravery.

While reflecting on 2020, I read this article about 2019 goals, from which most I was able to tick off in 2020. As for all of us, the pandemic has brought its challenges, and even though I was planning to work from London, putting the thoughts and ideas I have nurtured and reflected on into action, I was happy to be able to do that from home while still being connected and work with UK & US-based partners.

The practice of reflection, though it seems lackluster at first, is a good technique to learn from past situations, such as how we dealt with the start of quarantine this year and all the challenges it brought. A process of looking back on past situations and taking the time to explore the choices you made.

I am tremendously grateful for being able to travel to Bali at the beginning of the year, yet also appreciating the beautiful Dutch dunes and beaches during the many walks, runs, and occasional sleepovers during the Dutch intelligent lockdown. I am happy about the new friends I have made and strengthening the bond I have with my inner circle, close acquaintances, best friends, and family. Better together.

Proud is the word that comes to mind when I think about the way I was able to convert my “face to face” masterclasses to a digital Zoom version. I never thought it would bring so much joy and new business. Have a peek on amandarijff.com, my bookings page where you’ll find an update and overview of my work and a few of my clientele.

Let’s not forget the amazing invitation to the Harpers Bazaar NL summit and television program Koffietijd where I was invited to share my beauty knowledge and expertise. Also, as you might have seen on my Instagram @amandarijff I have invested in a study to become a nutritionist, as this will complement my work as a master make-up artist and beauty entrepreneur. I love to call it: beauty from the inside. A topic and lifestyle that is dear to me. Looking forward to sharing the gained knowledge with you.

It was also a full year of do-it-yourself hair braids, getting reacquainted with my old hobby roller-skating last summer, and taking our boat for a spin.

For 2021 I am also looking forward to writing a new book. To be honest, I was working on three different concepts and finally downsized it to one. And that’s just a warm-up. Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them. Don’t set resolutions, set goals instead. Goals are much more actionable, which is what makes them more effective.

FABELISH.com will turn12 this year and I am very grateful that you, yes you, keep coming back for my online tips, tricks, and recommendations. The feedback and statistics have shown it’s been a continuously appreciated reference for many of my international followers. Looking forward to seeing you here in 2021.

That said; be committed to what makes your hearts sing and your spirits soar and don’t forget to be relentless in the pursuit of your passions. Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories, and all blessings a heart can know. And a BIG thank you for your ongoing support.

I am welcoming 2021 with a hopeful heart ♥️ while gratefully looking back on the opportunities and creativity 2020 has brought. Looking forward to celebrating life, love, health, and to make NEW memories. I am ready! B🧻e, B🧻e 2020, HELLO 2021! 🥳🥳🥳


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