Laura Mercier Launches Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation

I am a huge fan of Laura Mercier’s foundation wardrobe. The fluid options work as beneficial skincare with properties. You can mix and face map just as long until you find the match that works with your complexion. A Flawless Face.

Candlelight Glow by Laura Mercier

Every season everyone is in desperate need of a dewy, fresh and healthy looking face. Especially during winter time and early spring. I have been playing with the new formulas for a while now to determine which skin type is fit for this formula and to experience it myself. With skin that tends to be on the oily side, especially the t-zone I prefer a light coverage that evens out the skintone.

In Laura Mercier language that would be an oil-free tinted moisturizer combined with a hydrating primer or primer protect with SPF30. In my opinion the candleglow is more sheer and transparent without losing the dewy freshness and glow on the skin. I would not recommend it for problem or acne prone skin as it will magnify these areas. Laura Mercier’s silk crème formula works miracles when it comes to the mentioned above and it also minimises redness.

Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation

Apply the Candleglow Soft Luminous foundation (30 ml| €48) that contains a blend of radiant pearl mica by using a sponge or your fingertips. The mica mingles with water to give skin a hydration boost. Just make sure to blend well to achieve a soft focus, which is easy to do as this product comes in 24 shades, is waterbased yet buildable. Next to that it won’t clog pores or settle into fines lines which makes it an age-less formula. Should I say more?

In the end it’s all about feeling confident. Some people prefer a coverage that is slight heavier than average while other prefer more transparency. Either way this foundation is worth trying. Make sure to try two or three shades before purchasing as this formula tends to oxidise on the skin. As a woman of color my perfect blend is a mix of Praline and Pecan. During summer months Pecan, which is slightly darker will probably be the perfect match.

Candlelight Glow by Laura Mercier

You can go bold, but you don’t have to. This new foundation has a special place on my cupboard. Team it up with the desert rose influence that is “on point” this time around. Take peachy rose colors and sweep it across the lids and cheeks and a dab on the lips. Add two coats of mascara. Rodarte took the Flawless theme and ran with it. So can you!

Laura Mercier Cosmetics is also available thru SKINS COSMETICS in the Netherlands





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