YVRA 1991 – L’Essence De L’Explorance

Meet YVRA 1991 – L’Essence De L’Explorance. A new fragrance by YVRA a.k.a. Yvo van Regteren Altena I had the privilege to explore during a beautiful lunch with dishes inspired by the perfume ingredients. A fragrance based on newfound freedom and the urge to reexplore. Wanderlust if you will. The genderneutral fragrance is semi-classic with a modern twist with hints of citrus. It has a crispy opening of Bergamot (yum) and a warm dry down with amber, sandalwood, and cedar.

When I spritzed it on I was quite curious how it would develop on my skin. At first, I could only smell the Bergamot but along the way, the perfume grew softer and warmer on my skin when the amber, sandalwood, and cedar came together. A lovely perfume to explore and stimulate explorance. You won’t be disappointed.

The Fragrances

The first fragrance was YVRA1958 L’Essence De L’Essence. A citrussy scent with bergamot, orange flower, cedar, and tonic bean.

The second: YVRA1979 L’Essence De Presence; warm, mysterious, and powerful with cedar, vetiver, and guaiac wood. 

The third might just be the most powerful of them all: YVRA1965  L’Essence De Flamboyance. Spicy, woody, sexy, and very distinctive with pink pepper, saffron, incense, and a lot of patchouli. A perfume dedicated to famous playboy Porfirio Rubirosa.

YVRA 1991 – L’Essence De L’Explorance is the fourth fragrance by YVRA. A reference to the year in which the World Wide Web was introduced. Both the packaging and the bottle are beautifully finished with references to our digital dependence. In the last year and a half especially,  because of Covid, computers and smartphones were our lifelines to the outside world. (100 ML| €125,00)


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