Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum

You all know how much I love Charlotte Tilbury’s MAGIC CRÈME, perfect for turning around dull skin with its intensely moisturizing formula. Your skin will feel deeply nourished and glowing, as well as softer and smoother. This makes it one of my favorite face bases for make-up, because you can’t have beautiful makeup without a beautiful canvas.

Now, Charlotte went and did it again. Magic Serum crystal elixir is a fact. A serum you can wear prior to applying the Magic Cream. After a period of time you can expect the real magic to happen. Skin appears firmer and pores appear tighter and refined. The texture is rich and a little milky (without the tackiness). After massaging it into the skin it dissolves quickly, leaving room for the next step. I’ve been working with it for quite some time and especially in combination with the Magic Cream, you can wait for the magic to happen resulting in even more dewy healthier looking skin.
(30 ML | €72)


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